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Peptides Might Be The Solution To Your Problems!

What Are Peptides? Peptides are short chained amino acid of 50 or fewer amino acids. Peptides are involved in many bodily functions, including neurological activity, digestion, hormone release, and cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, and immune system function.

What Are Some Benefits & Uses Of Peptides? The peptides in our bodies help our natural mechanisms function at their best.

Peptide therapy offers a number of benefits. The benefits include healing, repair, reducing inflammation, decreasing pain, increasing lean mass, weight loss, improved sexual desire, hair loss, boosting immunity, bringing the body to balance, helping sleep, anti-aging, alleviating anxiety, improving cognitive function, tightening the skin, and tanning the skin.

Various peptide protocols are available to help you achieve wellness goals and improve symptoms. We offer peptide protocols for libido, weight loss, tissue repair, sleep, anti-aging, tanning, skin tightening... the list goes on. Common Peptide Questions How Are Peptides Adminstered?

Peptides are usually injected into subcutaneous tissue (fat). Various peptides can be taken orally, nasally, or topically.

What Is The Difference Between Peptides We Offer Vs Peptides Bought Off The Internet?

Modernized Wellness provides peptides made in special compounding pharmacies for patient use. It is not recommended to purchase "cheaper" peptides from the internet, since most of them are meant for research purposes. When injecting or ingesting medication, exercise caution and do your research and listen to a medical professional

How Do I Get Started On Peptide Therapy?

We offer a free pre-screening consult over the phone or via telemedicine to determine if peptide therapy would benefit you. Next we schedule you for a 45min consultation (Consultation Fee applies) with a board certified practitioner trained in peptide therapy.

Once started on Peptide therapy, there will be follow up visit (Follow up fee applies) every 4month.

Interested in Peptide Therapy? At Modernized Wellness, we offer plenty of peptides for various use cases, contact us today (480) 712-2980 to learn which one could be right for you


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